Nick Name? K.Y.

Title? The Big Cheese. The buck stops here and stuff... Ultimately i just make sure we're all steered in the right direction, and when we're not, let's at least have fun doing it.

How many years have you been at Transition? Since the beginning...Still vividly remember Kevin trying to convince me this whole "bike company" thing is a good idea. 10+ years later and i can't image doing anything else.

If you weren't working at Transition Bikes where would you be? Probably in a boat on a lake somewhere

Favorite non bike activity? Traveling, boating, moto, computer programming (yea, for real kids!), spending time with my family (not in that order, but, you get the idea....)

Coolest place you have traveled to? Vietnam by far. Drunken scootering in Vietnam is the biggest rush you could have. Of all the stuff i've done in life, this was the scariest, and most rewarding.

Most memorable experience since being at Transition Bikes? Too many to list but i'll highlight the ones that pop out in my mind... Lars falling off our boat at high speed in the middle of the ocean...and all of us jumping in to save him. None of us "actually" saving him. Cam spelling his own name wrong on his first trip to Taiwan....or coming up with the "Time Machine" quote (this refers to beautiful underage girls. oh Cam....). Street riding in Taiwan. Darrin breaking his hand in france and ignoring the pain for a week riding in the swiss alps. Klunking repac. The whole company getting in trouble for "stealing" a park bench at oakridge. Quad bypassing. Epic yearly Europe trips that include things like riding in the alps, drinking "crates" of beer in parking lots, $1.00 Bordeaux wines, World Champs in Champery, etc. Pretty much an adventure a week!

The best post ride activity? Beers and a pallet fire.