Whistler opened up a whole new zone this season with promises of fresh loam and smooth berms. We met up with Christina Chappetta (@cchappetta1), a TR ambassador and employee at Evolution Bike Shop in the Whistler Village, to get some laps in.

Currently the top section is funneled through one loamy tech trail called Delayed Fuse. Believe it or not, this trail features actual real loam in a bike park, for now anyways! Definitely get up there and enjoy it while it lasts, as it is currently what dreams are made of.

Christina chose to ride her Sentinel, and prefers it on this terrain within the park. Even though she is shorter, she says its more playful and easier to pop and play with the terrain, and still manages to lay it over in the berms.

Loam and jumps all in one magical place.

After your fair share of red rot and loose soil, you have the option of two berm tracks to finish the second half of your lap.
With berm after berm after berm, we found ourselves stopping regularly to pump up our tires mid lap. That perfect sound of your tire ripping a corner happened more times than I think we have ever experienced.
Currently the berms are as polished as they get, so don't sleep on this one and get up there to experience it for yourself.

All smiles here in Whistler.

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