Transition would like to welcome Jaxson Riddle to the family!

"At Crankworx Whistler 2018, Sam and I were doing a sight lap on the new Dirt Merchant. Watching people hit the new vert hip after the wood drop, and this kid BLASTED to the moon with such style and confidence I immediately took note. As he rolled through I took a mental note of the last name on the back of his jersey. Riddle. Got it. Fast forward 3 months and I see him again in a video on the world wide web with Tyler McCaul. I immediately messaged T-Mac and he responded with glowing praise of Jaxson. I got his contact info, and we're proud to say he's now part of the family. These days he's at the ripe old age of 17, with nowhere to go but upside down or sideways. His ultimate sights are set on Rampage glory. We can't wait to see it happen. Welcome to the Transition family Jaxson!" - Lars Sternberg

Taking this one to dirt for the first time.

Jaxson and his TR11.

"I showed up to St. George to shoot with Jaxson having never met him before. We decided to take the day to scout locations, starting with the Snake Hollow Bike Park he works at. I started getting out my photo setup as he warmed up, and watched him go from the car, into the pump track, and cork flip from berm to berm. Needless to say, I hustled up and got my camera out. I quickly learned that you need to be ready to catch something incredible on almost every jump, roller, and corner. Next stop was the old Rampage site, where things went about the same, blowing my mind with little or no warning from him about what he was going to do. I decided to get some clips just to gather something for the day, which turned out to be all we were able to do as heavy rains came in and ended the shoot. I flew back to Bellingham the next day. Jaxson isn't a kid of many words, he let's his riding do the talking, and I can't wait to work more with him this year." - Skye Schillhammer (TR photographer/videographer)


Jaxson is also supported by ANVL Components, Sr Suntour, Troy Lee Designs, Tannus Tires, The LoamWolf, Five Ten, Ryders Eyewear, Slag Society, The Space Brace and Profile Racing.

Just barely catching the top of the roll.

Jaxson works at the Snake Hollow Bike Park in St. George Utah. When he isn't out sending Rampage lines, you can find him here keeping things looking prime.


In addition to his TR11, Jaxson also rides a Patrol and PBJ.

Transition's roots are in freeride, so we're stoked to add an up and comer in that world to the team.
Thanks to Ian Shockley at Bike Fix for the hospitality!
Video and photos: Skye Schillhammer


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